vase, US$ 5000

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Lasse Östman, exhibitions
ett10x10.gif (55 bytes)"Oldies" from 1975 to 1985. Not for sale.
tvċ10x10.gif (55 bytes)Small bowls. All sort of glazes. All sold.
tre10x10.gif (55 bytes)Brown pots. Tenmokus, hare furs and more. All sold.
fyra10x10.gif (55 bytes)Crystal glaze pots. All sold.
fem10x10.gif (55 bytes)Various pots. All rather new. All sold.
sex10x10.gif (55 bytes)Crystal glazed pots. All sold.
10x10.gif (55 bytes)Manganese saturated glazed pots. All sold.
10x10.gif (55 bytes)Reduction fired pots. All sold.

10x10.gif (55 bytes)Various Pots. All sold.

10x10.gif (55 bytes)

Where you can find my pots for sale10x10.gif (55 bytes)Where you can find the pots for sale (in Swedish)
Where you can find my pots for sale10x10.gif (55 bytes)Some pictures from an exhibition at LERVERK, Goethenburg, 2004

exhibition at NK 197910x10.gif (55 bytes)Some pictures from the first exhibition at NK in 1979
exhibition in Minneapolis 199110x10.gif (55 bytes)Some pictures from an exhibition in Minneapolis 1991
The macro-photo glaze world!10x10.gif (55 bytes)A new world! The macro-photo glaze world!

Lasse Östman works with wheel-thrown forms. There is small miniature vases, nearly 1 meter wide bowls, pots and plates in a lot of shapes. The forms are mostly classical, no or sparse decoration. The glazing spans over hundreds of varieties, tenmoku, iron red, mother-of-pearl, silky soft zinc-barium, chün, copper red, crystal glazes and much more. Each piece is unique. Beauty and exclusive quality work go hand in hand.

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