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Lasse Östman
Flottarvägen 8
SE-780 50 Vansbro
Tel.: +46 281-10008
E-post: lasse@stoneware.net

my house and my workshop:

I built my house with workshop 1976-77, the office-building with guest room 1985. The house is built of wood and more than a half of it is my workshop. Totally about 300m2. The house is beautifully situated in the south part of Vansbro, a small village with about 1700 people in the west part of Dalarna. I have a small garden and a plant house. The river Västerdalälven is 150m far away. A quiet and silent place. Sometimes I can see elks and roe deers outside the garden. In the forest nearby there are wolfs, lynx and bears.

Pictures from my home10x10.gif (55 bytes)pictures from my house
My son Jesper. In Swedishmy son Jesper (Swedish)

Biography, CV10x10.gif (55 bytes)biography and more
Vansbro Stengods and my workshop
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name: Lars Henrik Östman, called Lasse
age: Born 1944, June 14
length and weight: 176cm / too much
children: Björn, born 1968. Jesper, born 1978
I live: Alone. My son Jesper has his office in a separate house of my workshop.
interests: Nowadays: my home, mountain walking, working with my computer, garden and plants, cooking, deep sea fishing,  walks in the forest and in the town, travelling.
Not so much now or in the past: mountain climbing, sail flying,  photography, canoeing, fiddling.
favorite literature: Mostly literature about ceramics and nature. Heavy novels with historical background.
last read book: a book about glazes.
favorite music: Irish folk music. Favourite just now, still: Carl Orff: "Carmina Burana"
favorite food: Chinese (oriental) food, fish and seafood, cheese. After my cancer I eat very sparse with carbohydrates.
favorite drinks: Cold water from a mountain creek, a good wine, Norwegian milk, Irish coffee, cappucino.
I prefer travel to: Mountain and coast areas, especially the west and north of Norway. 
I don´t travel to: Sandy beaches, "hullabaloo-places", really big towns, "typical tourist attractions",
travels in the future?: More in Sweden, Lofoten and north Norway again and again, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Madeira ??? I have my restrictions because of the side effects from the cancer radiation. No more long travels.
I like: (My) children, good handicraft, fresh (but not too cold) weather, silence, cactus plants, honest people, mountains, rocky coasts, the first flower in the spring, late evenings at my balcony, shadow a sunny summer day, an early morning in the forest looking for wolves.
I don´t like: Bureaucracy, cigarette smoke, barking dogs, flattery, spiders, weak coffee, bingo, arrogance, spirits, loneliness a long time, treachery, egocentrics, self-righteousness, militant feminists, too much mosquitoes.
my car: A new Dacia Dokker. Perfect for my job and personal travels.
I am: Non smoker, honest (my attention), very lonesome, romantic, non-macho, careful (somebody call it pedantic), silent, frank, listen rather than talk.
I am happy: when I can make someone else happy.
dreams: to wake up one morning withoutsevere pains, to share my workshop (and maybe the rest of my life) with someone.

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