Lasse Östmans Glazes

General Notes

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My clays:
I use K118, a gray white stoneware clay from the Dutch company Vingerling, and PD10, a porcelain clay from the Swedish IFÖ.
For special purposes (read turquoise glazes) I use a French porcelain clay from Limoges.
Sometimes I also use different brown stoneware clays for Chün and Shino glazes.
To 95% I use K118 or PD10. K118 is better for big pots than PD10.

I always try to make my oxidation glazes (even the crystal glazes!!) so that I can fire them together in the same kiln, and to the same temperature, 1260-1270oC, with ½ to one hour at the top temperature.

Short about the recipes:
I have received some questions about the recipes in general.
The recipes add up to 100,00 with or without (usual) the coloring oxides. You can read it as percent (%) or grams (for a batch of 100 grams).

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My materials: Analyses of some of my materials
My kilns and firing schedules: Go to the Firing Page
Crystal glazes: More about Crystal Glazes!
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If You don´t get my results, remember that I have my own materials, my own kilns and my way to work! Some of the glazes are very sensitive not only to heat and thickness.

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