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Glaze List. 6713/60-glaze All glazes,
sorted in 8 groups.
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REDUCTION: Glaze No: Description:
Celadon and similar: 92187 Fat green celadon, both for gray and colored clays
92058 Light blue chun, for brown clays
Copper red: 92165 Glossy clear red, for white and gray stoneware and porcelain
92166 Rose, crackled, semi matt, for white and gray stoneware and porcelain
92167 Middle red, darker spots, best on gray stoneware
Tenmoku and similar: 92210a Traditional tenmoku, works on many clays
Other reduction: 92099 Semi matt to glossy blue
R626 Black with brown (or blue) spots, on many clays
SH6 Shino glaze, not for white and gray clays
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Brown and black: K 315 Semi matt, black oilspot
CR729 Brownish red with dark spots, for most clays
Crystal: all crystal glazes best on white porcelain
or light gray stoneware clays.
6713kaeg1 Glossy cobalt blue
6713/8 Glossy yellowish, blue crystals
6713/31 Glossy gray, blue and brown
6713/35 Glossy orange yellow
6713/58 Light blue to turquoise
6713/60 Glossy green and brown
C420 Blue and yellow
C426 Yellow
6a5e2 Semi matt, dark blue
6BC Blue and yellow
Zinc Barium: 5k5v Silky matt mushroom-colored, not colored clays
Other oxidation: H719 Black and blue with silvery spots
P72 Semi matt cobalt green, spots
T619 Silky matt greenish crackle
G627/G620 Turquoise silky matt
S419 Matt/glossy gray, green and blue
S422 Matt golden yellow
R626 Black with blue or brown dots
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